Monday, 22 December 2014

How I Found Peace

Too many are *fighting for peace and freedom* even until blood flows, yet there is never a winner but there will always be loosers - those who robbed someone's peace and those who were robbed of their peace.

Peace is won by peace alone. A simple matter of what goes around, comes around.

Too often Man blames another for a problem he caused. I've seen so much growing up in an apartheid South Africa - the first problem I noticed was when I was a small child. My little friend didn't go to school and I asked if she could come with me to my school. Alas: My friend was not allowed to go to my school because her skin was too dark!

In all honesty, from a child's innocent perspective, I then thought that some adults are terribly dumb because they do not see that we all are the same.

Ever since I would have my ears wide open to find out why 'the adults are so stupid'. I could not find out why but as I grew up, I learned it had all to do with power and greed. Even in the pale skin community some kids never had all the benefits as a minority of others would have.

I was a bright child during my primary school years but soon enough lost interest to be my best in the class. I realized it was more like a competition than anything else. I began reading a lot about anything else that would catch my fancy, whether how honey bees operate their hives, mathematics (love puzzles!) and many more. I still enjoyed my art drawings and would get first prize each year - but that was not judged by the school system. So then, my little mind was thinking, formulating.

The more information I gathered by listening and reading, the clearer the picture became. By the time I was halfway in Secondary School (around 15y), I knew exaclty how these scales are cheated. I was free and at peace, knowing that what I have was not cooked up nor cheated, it was real.

When my only Brother was killed, I was hurt terribly. Yet I could not exactly swallow everything that was told: he was killed by a terrorist. My wide open ears by then already brought information which taught me that the 'terrorists' were actually terrorised by those who'd call the terrorised, terrorists.

It could have been easy for me to go hunt the man who shot my Brother and maybe I can even kill him. But my heart knew it would be wrong, for that man might have a Sister that would feel like I felt......

Peace washed over me and the truth came. It came in a flash and from there I eventually composed "My Last Post for my Brother". The first part of it contains "Bloedoffer aan Wraak" (Blood Offer to Vegeance) which is a fairly long poem and lyrics which happened in a flash one afternoon when I realized that the man who pulled the trigger didn't murder my Brother - he also wanted Peace but was forced into the wrong way by those who learned from them who did wrong.

Finding peace equals mastering peace for peace has no degrees. Peace is humble and it fits everyone.

My prayers are that there may be others who can learn from this experience:

HAVE PEACE ..... the real enemy is the venom created by mankind's systems and those systems need masses of human fuel since its creators are a minority. It does not run on peace...... and peace loving people are the majority.

 My Last Post for my Brother: