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Jury of the innocent minded - Help the king to decide

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman. The man married the woman and he loved and trusted her so much that he promised half of everything he possessed to her. She also agreed and made the same promise to him.

They lived well, the man was working very good and made money, the woman had a good life and could have a servant to help her and sometimes she will also work for money, but not very often. And when she worked, she could have a nanny to look after her children.

There were three children in this family through the years. When two eldest children grew up more, the woman then didn’t want a servant anymore because the one child was a girl and could do the homework. Then she also didn’t need a nanny anymore because the children could look after themselves. When the youngest one was eleven years old, the woman had another baby girl.

Around six years after the youngest child finishes school, the eldest child, a boy, dies. He entrusted everything he owned to his father.

Two years after the death of the eldest child the woman tells the king that she wants to leave her husband.

Then she asks to have the half her husband promised her, and that her husband pays her some money each month so that she can take care of herself.

The king instructed that the man gives half of all his possessions and whatever he still earns in money, he shall pay some of that money to her until she dies or another man marries her.

The husband agrees to this and the king declares it shall happen and that they shall not be husband and wife anymore.

The woman then goes on with her life with all the money and possessions she got, and still had money each month from whatever her former husband earned.

The man also goes on with his life and half of what he possessed and kept paying to his former wife from whatever he earned until he dies twenty years later.

He leaves a last wish that whatever he had at the time he dies, must be given to his eldest daughter and her generation.

The former wife then wanted what he owned when he died, must be given to her in some proportion to make up what the king said she can have each month.

“Now my little ones, what do you think the king must do now?”
(To mention everything the innocent mind elaborates on, qualifying the thought, will probably fill a book. I use only that which is factual for now.)

“The man died and now he cannot give her anything anymore.”

“But the king didn’t say anything what must happen when the man dies.”

“What about her half that she promised?”

“But what about that the king said until she dies or another man marries her? The poor man died and cannot pay anymore.”

“Why did the man not get the half she promised?”

“No. The man wanted his eldest daughter to have his possessions.”

“The woman didn’t say to the king that she also wanted his possessions when he dies.”

“The woman got a lot of things and money from the man and she didn’t give anything to him as she promised.”

“That woman cannot keep promises.”

“One must keep your promises. There was a king that heard it.”

“Why did the man not ask the king the things the woman promised?”

“What did the other child get?”
With this question I had to furnish another true fact and told them that the other child already asked the man for her inheritance some years before he died and some while after she got it, she never contacted him again. This obviously raised more comments and discussions, but since it is irrelevant in this story, I had to tell them that she belongs in another story of which I don’t know much.

Many more comments and questions were on the table, and although irrelevant to this story, it was revealing how curious a child is about many more aspects outside the given facts. This curiosity inspired me to look at the most important questions and to create new stories about the true facts as I collect these.

The main issue a small child has is that the right thing must happen, that everybody must be happy and that you must keep your promises and never lie. In this story, the child’s mind formulated the same ideas as what the ‘king’ decided.

The innocent hearts didn’t like what the women did and one was feeling very sorry for the man (which I had to quickly stop by telling how happy the man was because he was well loved by his eldest daughter and many other people).

It was so simple from the mind of the innocent to see and know.

Jury of the innocent minded - prelude

From the mouth of the wee child we shall hear the truth.

A child’s perception is based on his or her innocence. When one thinks like a child and put facts on that level to a child, you’ll obviously get the true ideas and comments from that child.

The biggest fact that one must never let out of the eye, is TRUTH. There is just one versus all the lies that were created through the centuries and will still be created. One is as serious as the other, whether clever and experienced liars just bend it to make it seem like the truth up to the lie that is so thickly laced with facts that seem like the truth to confuse the mind, and even the lie that one can see immediately.

However, even if there are so many lies and each has many faces, they all are also just one untruth. Simplifying it then, is that one will use the facts of the truth to reveal the untruth and here the lie actually guides one to find the opposite facts the lie presents, and use the true facts.

A matter of having two camps, one has truth with pure space around it, the other one is filled with lies and since they are the ‘naughty’ kind, havoc will always exist in that camp. But don’t be confused for they also fight with each other and blame each other, try to hide behind each other… for the pure reason that none of them wants to be the guilty, none of them wants to be seen.

Simplifying the facts offered by the truth and putting it to the innocent, uninfluenced mind of a child, you are sure to get the correct decision. A small child still believes with great strength since they haven’t met with corruption and wrong guidance and lies to weigh them down and when they know the facts of the truth, they make their little judgments quick and easy.

Most parents probably know how many questions a child can ask about a certain thing. Take for instance all the talk after watching a movie and listen to the child’s comments.

Raising my own child, I was often amazed with her views, for she knew what was right and what was wrong without needing to be advised. There were times when she would ask a question with the “but” and then I’d know that she was inviting an argument about something that she knows was not right but couldn’t find it. When I knew the truth, then I’d tell her and she’d be happy, end of the discussion. If I didn’t, I’d listen to her argument and we’ll keep discussing it until we could reveal what is right.

And fortunately, right remains, it doesn’t go out of fashion, it cannot be replaced, so the true fact is absorbed and kept for future needs. It is only in later life that a child learns corruption because he/she is taught that way, or rather forced that way. But it does happen that some kids remain strong and won’t change in some miraculous way.

I always loved being with the little ones, telling stories and entertain them, and have the pleasure of seeing their innocence and happiness.

This then gave me the idea to use the innocent mind of a child about the right and the wrong by simplifying facts and put it into a story and imagine all the comments from a fresh young mind.

The main rule I had to follow was to use facts which are true. I found that even complicating the story with the lies of character(s), the child knew it immediately. It was therefore easy enough to use the facts of the lies and present it also in a story in order for it to be pointed out.

Monday, 22 December 2014

How I Found Peace

Too many are *fighting for peace and freedom* even until blood flows, yet there is never a winner but there will always be loosers - those who robbed someone's peace and those who were robbed of their peace.

Peace is won by peace alone. A simple matter of what goes around, comes around.

Too often Man blames another for a problem he caused. I've seen so much growing up in an apartheid South Africa - the first problem I noticed was when I was a small child. My little friend didn't go to school and I asked if she could come with me to my school. Alas: My friend was not allowed to go to my school because her skin was too dark!

In all honesty, from a child's innocent perspective, I then thought that some adults are terribly dumb because they do not see that we all are the same.

Ever since I would have my ears wide open to find out why 'the adults are so stupid'. I could not find out why but as I grew up, I learned it had all to do with power and greed. Even in the pale skin community some kids never had all the benefits as a minority of others would have.

I was a bright child during my primary school years but soon enough lost interest to be my best in the class. I realized it was more like a competition than anything else. I began reading a lot about anything else that would catch my fancy, whether how honey bees operate their hives, mathematics (love puzzles!) and many more. I still enjoyed my art drawings and would get first prize each year - but that was not judged by the school system. So then, my little mind was thinking, formulating.

The more information I gathered by listening and reading, the clearer the picture became. By the time I was halfway in Secondary School (around 15y), I knew exaclty how these scales are cheated. I was free and at peace, knowing that what I have was not cooked up nor cheated, it was real.

When my only Brother was killed, I was hurt terribly. Yet I could not exactly swallow everything that was told: he was killed by a terrorist. My wide open ears by then already brought information which taught me that the 'terrorists' were actually terrorised by those who'd call the terrorised, terrorists.

It could have been easy for me to go hunt the man who shot my Brother and maybe I can even kill him. But my heart knew it would be wrong, for that man might have a Sister that would feel like I felt......

Peace washed over me and the truth came. It came in a flash and from there I eventually composed "My Last Post for my Brother". The first part of it contains "Bloedoffer aan Wraak" (Blood Offer to Vegeance) which is a fairly long poem and lyrics which happened in a flash one afternoon when I realized that the man who pulled the trigger didn't murder my Brother - he also wanted Peace but was forced into the wrong way by those who learned from them who did wrong.

Finding peace equals mastering peace for peace has no degrees. Peace is humble and it fits everyone.

My prayers are that there may be others who can learn from this experience:

HAVE PEACE ..... the real enemy is the venom created by mankind's systems and those systems need masses of human fuel since its creators are a minority. It does not run on peace...... and peace loving people are the majority.

 My Last Post for my Brother: