Saturday, 23 May 2015

Jury of the innocent minded - prelude

From the mouth of the wee child we shall hear the truth.

A child’s perception is based on his or her innocence. When one thinks like a child and put facts on that level to a child, you’ll obviously get the true ideas and comments from that child.

The biggest fact that one must never let out of the eye, is TRUTH. There is just one versus all the lies that were created through the centuries and will still be created. One is as serious as the other, whether clever and experienced liars just bend it to make it seem like the truth up to the lie that is so thickly laced with facts that seem like the truth to confuse the mind, and even the lie that one can see immediately.

However, even if there are so many lies and each has many faces, they all are also just one untruth. Simplifying it then, is that one will use the facts of the truth to reveal the untruth and here the lie actually guides one to find the opposite facts the lie presents, and use the true facts.

A matter of having two camps, one has truth with pure space around it, the other one is filled with lies and since they are the ‘naughty’ kind, havoc will always exist in that camp. But don’t be confused for they also fight with each other and blame each other, try to hide behind each other… for the pure reason that none of them wants to be the guilty, none of them wants to be seen.

Simplifying the facts offered by the truth and putting it to the innocent, uninfluenced mind of a child, you are sure to get the correct decision. A small child still believes with great strength since they haven’t met with corruption and wrong guidance and lies to weigh them down and when they know the facts of the truth, they make their little judgments quick and easy.

Most parents probably know how many questions a child can ask about a certain thing. Take for instance all the talk after watching a movie and listen to the child’s comments.

Raising my own child, I was often amazed with her views, for she knew what was right and what was wrong without needing to be advised. There were times when she would ask a question with the “but” and then I’d know that she was inviting an argument about something that she knows was not right but couldn’t find it. When I knew the truth, then I’d tell her and she’d be happy, end of the discussion. If I didn’t, I’d listen to her argument and we’ll keep discussing it until we could reveal what is right.

And fortunately, right remains, it doesn’t go out of fashion, it cannot be replaced, so the true fact is absorbed and kept for future needs. It is only in later life that a child learns corruption because he/she is taught that way, or rather forced that way. But it does happen that some kids remain strong and won’t change in some miraculous way.

I always loved being with the little ones, telling stories and entertain them, and have the pleasure of seeing their innocence and happiness.

This then gave me the idea to use the innocent mind of a child about the right and the wrong by simplifying facts and put it into a story and imagine all the comments from a fresh young mind.

The main rule I had to follow was to use facts which are true. I found that even complicating the story with the lies of character(s), the child knew it immediately. It was therefore easy enough to use the facts of the lies and present it also in a story in order for it to be pointed out.